We’ve made it past mid-winter here in the Baltics. The season has thus far been unusually cold, and temperatures have, for the past couple of weeks, remained steadily below zero. For being February, these are temperatures to expect, but usually, we get a couple of days of warmer weather every now and then.

As a result, the sea ice in our home port is nicely settled in. Our initial hope was to be able to put the boat in the water by easter. This means a launch somewhere around the 23:d of March. That is one month from now and looking at the weather forecast it does not seem feasible. The ice will have to melt completely, which means we need daily average temperatures to reach 5-7 degrees in the next few weeks. It does not look probable.

But that does not mean that work on board is at a halt – rather the opposite. We have already managed to put some projects behind us, the messiest being the refurbishment of all surfaces in the galley.

Galley Refurbishment

Here’s what we’ve accomplished in the galley:

  • Sanded all wooden surfaces of the galley cabinetry
  • Varnished all wood with Internationals Goldspar Satin
  • Sanded and refurbished the main cupboard towards the hull and painted the interior of the hull with three layers of Hempel Multicoat (white).
  • Replaced the sliding tracks for the stove countertop cover
  • Fabricated and installed aluminium head and splash shields on either side of the stove

Click the image to view the gallery.

Salon area

The salon area has also been refurbished. We’ve focused on sanding and painting of the cabinet walls and the inside of the cabinets, primarily the hull interior. We’ve removed old and malfunctioned instruments – a mechanical clock, a barometer and an old thermostat for a heating system which was long since removed from the boat.

Here’s what we have accomplished in the salon:

  • Sanding and fairing of cabinet walls
  • Painting of the cabinet walls with three layers of International Toplac in glossy white
  • Sanding and varnishing of mahogany details on cabinet walls
  • Installation of Båtsystem Opal LED reading lights on either side of the salon

I am on the hunt for a chrome plated barometer/thermometer combination to replace the old and broken barometer which we’ve removed.

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Cockpit Instrument Panel

In the cockpit, we’ve removed and reorganised the instrument panel. It previously housed an inclinometer which has now clogged up along with two broken 12V outlets which we’ve never used. The instrument panel also housed an old West Marine speaker which, while still functioning, was cracked and faded in appearance. The panel backing was sanded down, the holes for the 12V outlets were filled in using marine plywood and epoxy. The surface was faired, covered with clear epoxy and later painted with three layers of International Toplac in glossy white, the same paint which we used in the salon.

We purchased a new set of marine speakers from Fusion and wired these up to the stereo at the nav station. We now have a four-speaker system where we can enable and disable the audio going to the cockpit speakers from the stereo controls.

Once the boat is in the water, we will also mount a new Garmin inclinometer to the dashboard. Later additions will be a cockpit/transom light control panel and a swan neck chart light.

Ongoing projects

We have a number of projects currently in progress, which I will write up in a separate post. These include:

  • Installation of holding tank and reconfiguration of the heads/bathroom
  • Replacement of bulkhead in anchor locker
  • Installation of Inverter
  • Reconfiguration of DC electrical panel
  • Installation of VHF and AIS equipment

Stay tuned!