Run With The Wind is a site where we document our travels, we store our memories and we share what we love the most: being out in the outdoors and taking in beautiful surroundings.

We, the people behind the site, are Emily and Martin. We’re a couple in our mid thirties who have Stockholm, Sweden as our base. We live what most would refer to as “normal lives” but find it hard to understand that while options are endless, most people around us choose the same lifestyle.

We hope to share as much as we can on this site and that our journeys will be of inspiration to you readers.


I am Martin, I am 34 years old, and I would characterise myself as an introvert, outdoors-loving person with many hobbies. The life outdoors such as hiking and sailing came to me later in life. I got my first sailboat in 2012 and got my first taste of hiking in 2009 while spending six months in New Zealand.

I love all things technical, and my profession is in IT.


I am Emily, I am 35 years old, and I have spent all my life in motion. I like to inspire others to exercise an to use their bodies to feel strong and healthy.

I grew up in Idre, in the Swedish mountains and love being outdoors regardless of it being winter or summer.

I have a background in Human Resource studies, and I work as a quality manager.